Welcome to the Ashford Osteopathic Clinic

My Clinic is now open 1st June 2020 I will follow Gov guidelines regarding PPE & social distancing.

Osteopathy is a distinct system of diagnosis and treatment which is complementary and supportive to orthodox medicine.


Osteopathy is a safe, natural treatment approach to the patients individual needs. It is concerned with the relationship between the structure of the body (the musculoskeletal system) and the way which it functions.


Osteopaths work with their hands using a wide variety of techniques, these include soft-tissue, joint mobilization or high velocity thrust techniques designed to improve the mobility and range of movement within the joint.

From the 25 May 2018 new data protection comes into force (GDPR)

Data protection policy

As registered osteopaths, by law we must keep our patient medical records for the following periods of time:

Patient /client records shall be kept for at least 7 years following the last occasion on which treatment was given.  In the case of treatment to minors, it is advisable that records should be kept or at least 7 years after they reach the age of majority (18).


All patients’ /clients/ guardians of minors, of the practice will be required to sign a consent form giving consent for their records to be kept in paper form.

Patient records will be kept in paper form and kept secure under lock and key file.  

At no time will patient records be passed on to any third party outside of the practice and will be only available to your practitioner or another osteopath working at this practice.

Your email address may be used from time to time in order to send out a newsletter with health tips and advice. If you do not wish to receive an osteopathic newsletter from time to time, please inform Maria Buckley-Garnham by email and your email address will then be erased from the database.